What is „we shout out our art“

questions and answers
what is it?

„We shout out our art“ is a symbol for the voice of artists who have the feeling of change and wants to bring out their ideas of life. It is an attempt to break through conditions of life. Not a stupid screaming but an emphatic shout. There´s the wish to set free inner agitation of creativity. Collect grass, climb a mountain and say: „Woah“!

where it comes from?

It comes from a harmonic chaos of ideals like humanity, creativity, sensitivity and rage.

what are you searching for?

That what is secret and also open. To seek is art itself. As we create art we try to give our liberty and power of colours a voice. This voice is located in a deep conviction of humanity, liberty communication, protest and at least hope. The world is going on, but what would it be without ideas? Art breaks through the conventional world and is one of the best ways to express the world. Ideas bring new breath in life.  Set them real!

The inspiration comes and are mainly our cultural roots but life at whole. The childhood, personal dramas, human explorations, political views, society and social problems are like an open fruit with a true core in it. In a sense of interpretations I want to keep an eye on these signs which everybody has inside and what happened all the time. Let´s discuss these such great words, we can´t answer. We use them all the time but don´t know how to deal with. Meanings and developments of emotion, patience, love, conflicts, dedication, hope, science are never stopped to happen and reduced in strange situations and surprising, stupid actions.

what else? React to act!

Beside the reasons of making art is a will to encourage people to look inside and outside of happenings of their life. Consideration, concentration and meaning are very important. Reproduce them, try to take courage to yourself and belief on your imagination to make art!

what are the affections?

This art is affected by our cultural imprint, modern art and design, different artists, street art, world scenes as well as music.

Art is a voice. Shall we belief in it?

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